This campaign is centered on the idea that each of our elected officials, our community and our state should be leading by example. It’s a principle that Michael has taken with him to the state capitol for four terms in the Georgia House of Representatives and that he leans on every day at his home and business.

When Michael first declared for the state House, he was fighting for a renewed look at campaign finance and ethics reform in our state. He didn’t wait to accomplish this by passing a piece of legislation or creating a new bureaucracy. Michael and his team chose to lead by example by voluntarily refusing campaign contributions or gifts from lobbyists, voluntarily refusing contributions from out-of-state (including from family), voluntarily disclosing his campaign contributions and expenses down-to-the-penny on his website, and voluntarily emptying his campaign war chest at the end of every cycle. Candidates across the state started adopting similar stances. The questions on these issues weren’t going to be best addressed with one more law. They are fixed when candidates self impose restrictions and raise the standard across the board.

The State of Georgia is in a similar position to lead our sister states. We are leading the nation on issues like economic development, criminal justice reform, transportation, logistics, and more. Our criminal justice reform efforts over the past decade have been so effective that they are now being adopted by the federal government and states across the nation. Our policies are driving the efforts of lawmakers in state capitols across the nation and decision makers in Washington. We are on the cusp of a Georgian era in American policymaking, and it’s up to our state’s legislators to seize this opportunity. Its time to enact innovative, forward thinking reforms across the issues that matter not just to Georgians, but to the American people. The solutions to issues from taxation to healthcare, and transportation to economic expansion are going to be found right here in Georgia. Its up to us to¬†Lead by Example.